Frequency Productions

Frequency Productions was founded by David Patmore in 2014 as a result of his journey to discover and release a new frequency of creative expression. The heart and purpose of this initiative is to provide a platform and vehicle for artists and spiritual led worshippers who are hearing a new sound that initiates encounter with the Father and His Heavenly realms.

Our first project is ‘Ruach’ taken from the Hebrew word meaning breath or Spirit of God. It is not worship as we traditionally know it, nor is it soaking music or prophetic song, as we may have experienced, it captures all of that as well as the sound of heavenly language.

Artist: ‘Ruach’ is a project based group dedicated to releasing a frequency and a sound that is spiritual in nature. Along with singers and musicians Jessie Patmore, Simon Baring, Maddie Patmore and Nathan Vanderwert, each track conveys something unique and perhaps best experienced rather than explained. Much of the mainstream worship music that we love today has a similar format and although it is inspiring, Ruach is exploring a fresh spiritual expression. If you are looking for something new to inspire your spiritual journey and create atmospheric impact, then you will love Ruach.

Each track for ‘Ruach’ will be released as it is completed, so if you would like to be notified as soon as they become available please sign up to our  Priority Notification list or ‘Like’ our Facebook Page

Artist: Jessie Patmore. Jessie recently released her first track through Frequency Productions ‘Found your Peace.’  It is an inspiring and comforting track for anyone who has lost a loved one.  Written at a time when her Grandfather had passed away it has already impacted many who’s track have heard the song.  You can hear Jessie’s track on Soundcloud, Spotify or purchase on Apple Music and Google Play.



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